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How to Beat Summer Learning Loss


It’s only a few weeks until the summer holidays are here. 

As the sun starts to flex its rays and the familiar sounds of school bells fade into the background, we're diving headfirst into the season of sun-soaked adventures, poolside splashes, and... the notorious "summer learning loss."

 Ever heard of the summer learning loss, or the summer slide?

Probably not (unless you work in education), but you have probably noticed how by the end of the summer holidays the kids have forgotten how to do things. Or as one parent put it to me - “their brains have turned to mush!” 

It’s true we all need and deserve a break but there are some fun ways we can keep the kids' brains active so they don’t lose as much learning. 

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What is Summer Learning Loss?

Ever noticed how, by the end of summer, the kids seem to forget how to do things?

That's the infamous "summer learning loss" in action! 

a picture of a boy going down a waterslide grinning next to text that says "what is the summer slide"

Picture this: all the hard work and brainpower your kiddo invested during the school year decide to take a vacation of their own, leaving your child a bit rusty when the school bells ring again. 

Studies even say kids can lose up to 30% of what they learned over the summer. It's like starting a new school year with a temporary case of amnesia!

Now it is typical, but if your child is already behind, this summer learning loss just puts them even further behind their peers, making it even harder to catch up.

Summer is a great time to help them make a great head start to the new year. They will start school feeling confident and ready to learn.

Combating Summer Learning Loss at Home

There are plenty of ways to beat summer learning loss at home. Check out our ideas below.

But if you don’t want to beg, plead or argue about doing something other than playing Minecraft, Fortnite, or endless sleepovers - we’ve got you! Enrol in one of our Summer Holiday Workshops to keep the kids entertained and learning. (You can even have a coffee in peace and quiet at the cafe adjoining our office!).

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5 Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss at Home

1. Enter a Summer Reading Challenge

a picture of a girl reading outside with text that says enter a summer reading challenge

A great idea is to join a summer reading challenge. These are often run by local libraries and councils, and often incentives like competitions to win prizes, for reading books. The more books the kids read the more entries they get. 

Mandurah library is running a summer reading challenge click here to find out more.

There is also a Scholastic summer reading challenge click here to find out more about that one.

2. Visit the Library

a picture of a girl reading with text that says visit the library it's not just for books

This one kind of links to entering a summer reading challenge, but to beat the summer slide, why not head to your local library? Libraries offer so many exciting things to do over the summer holidays, and often have lots of great things to borrow apart from books.

My local library has lots of great board games and games for Xbox, Playstation, and Switch, as well as a toy library for the little ones. Another great perk is they are free! Why not sign your kids up for their very own library card? 

3. Explore Educational Resources

explore educational games and activities online

Who said learning can't be as fun as a game in the backyard? Dive into the sea of educational resources available online, from interactive apps to captivating games. These gems not only keep the learning light burning making education feel more like a treasure hunt than a chore.

To get started, why not try a virtual field trip? You can visit iconic landmarks, historical sites, museums all from home from Youtube channels like Virtual Field Trips

Or for fun interactive games online you could try Cool Math Games

4.Become a Storyteller

a picture of a boy writing outside, with text that says "become a storyteller or keep a diary"

Writing is one of skills I find kids really “go backwards” over the summer holidays (for want of a better saying). 

It’s easy to keep developing their writing skill. They could keep a daily diary or journal, write stories, send a card to a loved one or even help you write a shopping list. 

Some kids really don’t like writing, and it is a really hard skill to master. They often are afraid of making mistakes. Writing on a mini whiteboard or LCD screen makes writing fun, and it’s so easy to get rid of mistakes and try again.

5. Incorporate Learning into Everyday Activities

a picture of a shopping list written on notepaper, with text that says get the kids involved in everyday learning

You could transform cooking sessions into culinary math adventures, where measurements become the secret ingredients for success. Planning a road trip? Why not make it a geography expedition? By asking the kids to help with everyday tasks  they get to learn without even knowing it!

Wise Owl Tuition's Summer Workshop Programs

Now that we've armed you with a plethora of at-home learning hacks, let's talk about Wise Owl Tuition's Summer Workshop Programs. 

Key Features of Wise Owl Tuition's Summer Workshops

  • Interactive Learning: We're not here to bore your child with endless lectures. Our workshops are the epicenter of interactive learning. 

  • Personalised Attention: Forget about large, faceless crowds. Our experienced tutors thrive in small class sizes, ensuring that your child isn't just another face in the crowd but a unique, budding genius with specific needs and aspirations. 

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: We've left no stone unturned in crafting a curriculum that's not just comprehensive, captivating and aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

  • Fun and Enriching Activities: Learning doesn't end with textbooks and notebooks; it's an adventure waiting to happen! Our programs aren't just about absorbing information; they're about fostering creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Imagine if Hogwarts had a math club – that's the level of magic we're talking about.

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Class Descriptions

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Congratulations - You've just completed your crash course in summer learning survival, armed with strategies to combat the notorious summer slide and a backstage pass to Wise Owl Tuition's Summer Workshop Programs.

As you head into the summer break, remember that learning is not a destination but a thrilling journey, and with the right tools, it can be as enjoyable as a dip in the pool or a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

Turn this summer into a chapter of academic success for your child. Enrol them in Wise Owl Tuition's Summer Workshop Programs, where learning is not just a necessity but a celebration.

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Want your child to start 2024 ready, confident, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to conquer any challenge that comes their way? Click here to enrol today 

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